Midway Sniper Drag Bag & Tactical Pistol Case


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Nov 23, 2006
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Midway Tactical Sniper Drag Bag
My Midway gun case order arrived today and I was anxious to see the “Drag Bag” sniper rifle case, and my 2 Midway handgun cases that I ordered with it. I also ordered 2 of the “Tactical” rifle socks. All arrived well packaged and without any damage in a nice oversized heavy gage cardboard box. None of the items were folded, or otherwise crushed to fit into a smaller package that is quite common these days with shipping and packaging costs on the rise.

One obvious word of caution when ordering items like this, is to be very careful when cutting any of the outside packing tape when opening. I used a retractable razor knife with the blade barely extended as little as possible. If I had exposed any more of the blade it most likely would have cut the case which was tightly packed inside.

After removing everything from the box and Poly bags each individual item was packaged in, I was VERY pleasantly surprised at the overall quality. The case is very well made with heavy double stitching everywhere. There are more compartments, zippers, buckles, straps, Velcro closures, and snaps than you care to count. There is a very heavy Cordura Nylon nose piece that fits over the front of the case that can easily be pulled back to fully unzip the case, exposing both rifle compartments. Also, the entire length of the zipper is protected by another heavy Cordura Nylon flap cover containing snaps that run the full length of the case. A really nice feature that protects the zipper, and would no doubt help in making the case waterproof.

The sides of the case contain no less than 4 large, independent zippered compartments for holding items as large as a spotting scope and table tripod. The large zippered rear compartment also has another “case within a case” that unzips diagonally for even more storage, effectively doubling it’s size. There is ample material used in construction of this case that will easily allow for it to expand laterally as you fill the pouches and compartments with guns, shooting gear, ammo, and equipment. There are stitched in Molle straps on the sides of all of these compartments to allow the attaching of even more gear.

All of the zippers used in the case are of the very large, nylon type. The kind you see on heavy winter Parkas and jackets. All have heavy nylon cord with large plastic tabs attached for easy opening. No “hunting” for the impossible to find, tiny zipper tab that disappears, like on a new pair of jeans.

The inside of the double rifle compartment is divided by a heavy, padded, Nylon partition that will not allow the weapons inside to come into contact with each other. There are also straps and plastic buckles to secure each weapon to opposite sides of the case.

Here is where some scratching could occur if the case was handled roughly with weapons inside, because the material of the case itself is of such heavy gage PVC coated Nylon it could cause scratching. This is why I purchased the 2 Tactical Rifle Socks. By placing each weapon into the protective sock, then into the case, you will eliminate any possibility of scuffing the weapon. Cordura Nylon can be abrasive if rubbed against something for any length of time.

I am very pleased with this case, and would recommend it’s purchase to anyone who is looking for a well made, functional, low cost Drag Bag to protect an expensive rifle. Some of these type of cases I’ve examined before I made the purchase of this Midway model cost well over double, and did not afford the overall quality this case does.

Midway Tactical Pistol Case
I ordered 2 of these cases sight unseen mainly because of the low cost. I was not disappointed with the quality and size of them. The cases are very large, and will easily accommodate any full size, large frame defensive handgun or revolver. They have a large Velcro flap closure that uncovers 7 large magazine pouches. These pouches can contain large, high capacity, double stack magazines like those for Glocks and Springfield XD type pistols. They have very large, wide Nylon carry straps that are heavily stitched to the inside of the case making for a very clean look. No threads were hanging out of any of the attachment points. For $7.99 I don’t see how they are making money on these things, they are in fact that nice!

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