For Sale Military Field Refridgerator - Freezer for hunting camp , off grid living , prepping , SHTF , etc.


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Oct 7, 2010
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I have 3 of these , picked up on a whim with a bunch of other gear in a bulk deal. Right now I have 1 working perfectly and been doing R&D on it for 2-3 months. Has all new batteries in it, etc.

Works off electricity - solar - battery

I don't have any solar panel for it , just have cords to connect.

Best details and info are in my ad on Gun Broker

If you live near me and can pickup from me in North San Diego County - San marcos - Escondido - Vista - Carlsbad area - 92078 zip code then my best cash price is $880

Shipping is $200 or more on this , it has to go on a pallet and go freight , I prefer IN-Person sale.

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ACUTEMP HEMACOOL AX56L MEDICAL , REFRIGERATOR FREEZER with new batteries . Works off electricity , solar , or battery. ALL NEW BATTERIES INCLUDED , You are viewing an Acutemp AX56L mobile blood cooler. It is virtually unused government surplus and includes all of the original documentation, manuals, tip sheets , software discs and accessories. I personally bought and installed NEW batteries, charged up and tested this. I have hauled it a few times on trips to the beach and left it in my SUV with the steaks, hamburgers, and wine in it. We would take out what we needed. It was not put in the beach sand. The batteries are good for 10 hours on FREEZE and close to 24 hours on COOL. You also need 1 AA lithium battery to power display. I will include 2 rechargeable batteries. Also included are a few airfilter replacement filters. More specs can be found at the csafeglobal company website. The government paid $9500 for these cooler - freezers and it appears this was never used. This is military surplus. They have some scratches or scuffs on the case. Please see pics. This weighs 160 pounds or so with 2 heavy batteries in it and it will be shipped FREIGHT on a pallet. You will have to tell me a location near you that accepts freight usually a UPS type hub. It will be insured shipping included FREE in the lower 48 continental US with buyitnow price of $1545 . Local pickup welcome in CA and I will discount $195 for not having to ship it ................. ALL NEW BATTERIES INCLUDED ............... I got the MK Powered Model ES17-12 battery 33527 from O'Reilly auto parts. 2 brand new batteries bought July 15, 2015 . I can send a link to what i bought if you like. Can also include receipt .................. it works on SOLAR also but I have not tested it , the solar power connect cord is included but I dont have solar panels ........................... FREE SHIPPING ! ! ! with buyitnow ................. This has to go FREIGHT and this is my first sale like this so it will take more than 6 days to get to you. This has to be put on a pallet and taken to a freight UPS station. I cant mail it from a UPS Store. I have a pallet ready. After you buy it I will keep you updated on the progress of getting it on a pallet and shipped. This is a great item for Preppers and Off the GRID people. Great item for camping and to have in a disaster .......... Local SoCal CA pickup or delivery is also possible. I hunt in middle area of Socal, drive through Bakersfield a few times in the fall. If you want to pick it or or get delivery contact me and arrange it ................ will take checks but it has to clear and be in my account before I ship . You can email me or call with questions : or 760-814-1457

some specs i found on it -- acutemp, blood cooling and storage refrigerator field environment, special features maintains blood components at 1-6 degrees c continuously despite fluctuations in the ambient temp; holds 40-50 units of packed red cells; can cool 5-7 units of fresh whole blood within 8 hrs; monitors temp. continuously; records temp. every 4 hrs; audible, ac power 100-250 vac, 50-60 hz, pv (polar) 28 cdc- 10 amp, aux 12-28 vdc, ext battery 12 vdc, unit contains r-12 refrigerant, w/ manual & plug ............ steaks have blood in them, as does hamburger and other meat. This will keep your stuff cool - cold - froze I have all the metal racks the military used for blood bags , I take them out when I use it. See pictures for measurement of interior and space with some milk and bottles in it. You can put this in your MAN CAVE and run off electricity as an everyday fridge - freezer , then take it into the field and use on battery and solar, then if there is a flood or disaster or SHTF apocalypse you are ready to refrigerate or freeze your stuff
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Mar 12, 2001
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That's a cool item.
Does it also operate in an upright position?

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