Missouri is a Model state


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Dec 14, 2001
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You need to read all of this no matter what state you are from and as a Missourian you should be proud. Be sure and pass it along, we could be like the rest of the other state, if we loose the money.

Storm Warnings, Part 1
by Bob Marshall

American fish and wildlife management, once the envy of the world for its funding and accomplishments, is going broke.


Storm Warnings Part 2
by Bob Marshall

America's fish and wildlife agencies are going broke. The answer, say some experts, is to share the load.


"Sportsmen’s license fees just can no longer pay the bills for everyone’s fish and wildlife," he explains. "There are two real long-term solutions out there. We go with something like Missouri or something like CARA."

Missouri and CARA. The words are familiar at fish and wildlife agencies across the country because they are the two life rafts that could keep them from drowning in a sea of red ink.

Missouri is shorthand for the Missouri Conservation Tax, a 1977 measure that dedicated one-eighth of 1 percent of a sales tax to the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC), making that state the first to tap all of its citizens for the cost of managing fish and wildlife.

"Missouri is the model most people would choose, because it is sound and dependable," says Patton. "History has shown that."
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