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Jul 20, 2006
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Moment of Truth in Iraq</h3><h4 align="center">Feedback and Comments </h4>

“But it will also include more from behind the scenes, as I travel and up and down the back country to systematically report on the astounding campaign of 2007 to snatch Iraq back from the abyss. . . . I’ll introduce you to key American and Iraqi commanders who are making it happen in a place most were writing off as a crash site.� --Michael Yon--

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If you have read Michael's new book or are considering buying and reading it this is the place for you. We have set aside this page as a place for those who have already read the book to give their feedback and comments. We also hope that people interested in the book may gain some additional insight as to what the book is all about and how much the other readers liked it. So please don't hesitate to leave a comments and feedback about Michael's New Book "Moment of Truth in Iraq".

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