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Mosin Scope Question LER


I have a Mosin Nagant 91/30. I have had a good time shooting it, and I would like to mount a scope. My goals are to use it for hunting if I can get it accurate enough. My question is whether or not long eye relief scopes are good for hunting or am I better off drilling my receiver for a regular scope/bent bolt conversion. I am sure the regular scope mount would be better, but this cheap rifle is getting up there with all of this work. I have read bad things about the drill/tap ati bolt, and would probably use the boltman bent bolt if needed. I have been looking at the S&K mount, and the Darrell's scout mount, and both seem like they would hold well, but I am not sure if the long eye relief will be much better than iron sights. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Corey


I wouldn't

I have a few blown tries at the standard drill and tap mount. I saw a gunsmith that was running a 69 dollar special on doing the work. The bolt handle is OK, I enlarged the screw and used a hex bolt instead of phillips, and it is pretty damn solid. But getting those holes aligned proved to be beyond my ability. I used a jig, and my drill press and still it came out all wrong on 2 different guns. I even refilled the hole with JBWeld and tried to redo it but it failed. What i found was that the mount didn't sit squarely on the receiver. Then when I tightened it down it was cockeyed. If I did it again I think I would buy a mouser98 and I know those get done with some success. I looked at the scout version (LER) and thought it would be OK out to 100-150 yards. But I was trying to make a 300 yard gun. I have read stories of those who successfully converted their Mosins and I would love to own one. but by the time it is done, 200+ dollars later, I think a new Marlin XL7 for 100 dollars more is a better bet. I love those Mosins but they do have age issues. The crowns usually need a re-cut, the finish is never great, and I have just put so much work into mine that I would advise against setting your self up for heartbreak. Shoot it with irons at the range or in the brush, and then get a new rifle free floating barrel, factory installed mounts, wide variety of ammo and a guarantee from the manufacturer.


Have you shot a pistol with a scope on it. That's what a scout setup on your Mosin will be like. A rifle with that setup is complicated to use as is the scoped pistol. The issue with many Mosins is that the receivers are not uniformly formed where a drill and tap scope mount would be mounted thus causing some, even if drilled dead center, to mount badly. It's one of the main reasons why the original PU sniper scope mounts were mounted to the side of the receiver with the rings sweeping over the top. They mounted more uniformly in that fashion. Many Mosins are crudely machined and finished in the upper receiver area making traditional scope mounts tricky and sometimes impossible to get right.



Ditto what hunthog said...

Find a maker of the "pseudo Mosin Sniper" scope mount kits (that require drilling and tapping the siade of the receiver). Then you can use an AK style side mount (lever type) that has a weaver rail on it. These side mounts are shimmed to account for the often non-alligned recievers.

The attached photo shows a Nagant with a PSO-1 scope (that has the mount as integral to the scope), but it gives you the general idea...

BTW, this particular Finn Nagant does shoot well (1/2 MOA)...


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