Mountain Quail


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Went up yesterday for the mountain quail opener. Always great to get the dog out, and I use this opener as a gauge to the upcoming season. Spent some time on my way home scouting for valley quail. Never saw any but a couple responded to my call and I managed to force a few alarm calls. Also, drove up to a small (8-10) covey of chukar and later bumped a larger (18-20) covey that managed to engage me in a round of climb, chase, and descend. At the end of this brief game most returned to the top and looked down on me daring to play another round. We'll play again in a few weeks, and I won't be shooting at them with a camera.



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Great work!

thanks for sharing!

At least you found a few birds, better than the past few it looks like.


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Well done ChkrChsr! Mountain quail season is looking to be a good one. Just seeing photos of chukar gets me pumped. Thanks for sharing

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