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Mar 10, 2002
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Lately I have been seeing some confusion concerning MS20 PIRs and Brian’s chip/board. I have a board using Brian’s chip designed for the MS20 and decided to at least offer the following which might help some folks who are concerned about trying to get the 2 to work together and/or get nervous about soldering the components.

What I’m offering is the MS20 with all the electronics modifications made, joined with my timer using Brian’s chip, with all of the wires soldered in place. The switches and LED would not be included or soldered in place, mainly because I would have no clue as to the individual setup requirements for wire length. All wires except the camera wires would be 12 inches long, and could be cut to length by the owner. The camera wires would be 3” long where the buyer could splice the ones he/she used in the camera. All wires would be labeled and a standard 9 volt connector would be supplied and soldered to the ends of the power wires. All wires would be single strand 24 AWG. This would be for a 3 wire Owl setup.  Most other cameras with a 3 wire setup should work, but I haven’t tested any and could not give any assurances.

A couple of picks of my board are posted at: http://community.webshots.com/album/39277104hbdOtF

I would be offering this for $60.00 in USD and $4.00 for Shipping and packaging in the US only. The shipping and packaging would be good for up to 3 units. The shipping might be the same to Canada, but I’d have to check. None of this would be valid outside the US or Canada.

If someone wanted me to just supply the 2 momentary pushbutton switches and 1 Red LED with this so they didn’t have to hassle with getting them, they could be supplied for an additional $5.00. This would NOT include any type of weather sealing or boots, and the switches would not be weatherproof. They would not be soldered to the wires.

The MS20 would be in its original housing with the fresnel lens, and the timer would be outside the housing. Brian’s instructions for operation of the chip would be included.

If anyone wants to take me up on this, or has any questions, e-mail me.

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