My 1972 LH Bear Kodiak Magnum Vintage Recurve & Handmade Quiver....Pic's


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Well i am a Fred Bear Fanatic and collector of his memorabilia and also have very nice assortment and collection of Bear Vintage Recurve bows too and they are all listed on past post here on the trad forum if u want to check them out.
I am a right hand shooter but since F. Bear was a left hand shooter I decided to shoot a recurve with my lefty too and always like to challenge myself to different archery styles of shooting and bows.
I had a very nice LH Bear Grizzly Recurve I refurbished and was shooting and that project is posted here in the trad forum too, but a couple of years ago I gave Jason ( jb229 ) my great friend and favorite hunting partners Dad a great deal for the LH Grizzly. Jason is a lefty and besides shooting a compound he shoots a Bear Grizzly recurve too and his dad was looking for one so it only seem fitting to pass the bow to his dad and now Jason and his dad both have left handed Bear Grizzly Recurves to shoot, how cool is that.
So I bought another fixer upper LH Maplewood Bear recurve to restore as a replacement but I got the Kodiak Magnum model which is cool because my RH Recurve shooter is a 1972 Geenwood Bear Kodiak Magnum which I love so now I have a RH & LH version of it.
I had it packed up since last year before I moved to Florida and yesterday I had a chance to break it out and restore it so I can shoot with it and it came out pretty good. It was missing the Bear coin and no arrow rest felt at all and had some tape residue a couple little nicks and some dullness to the finish.
I glued in a new Bear coin on it and cut and made the arrow rest felt pads for it got the tape residue off then used a special bow finish restorer on the wood and then put a string on it. It came out great the only thing I have to do now is get a little wood filler for the nicks with the right wood color match for it.
So heres some before and after pics of it and I also put my greenwood Kodiak Magnum next too it to compare and show u i have both RH & LH versions to shoot.
Also have a handmade cowskin quiver with deer hair trim and arrows to compliment it to make a complete shooting set up........tra
Before pics..

After pics.......



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Yeh when I posted this project on my LH Magnum I was short a string so I took the one off my right hand Magnum for the photo's so I ordered a string for it last week it just came in today so I put some rubber whisker string silencers and a couple of string knock placement holders on it and it's good to go now. Here's more pics of my LH and RH Kodiak Magnum recurves strung up.....

I have 4 Kodiak Magnums 2 shooters 1 in my collection and 1 I bought for a freind 3 yrs ago but he changed his mind so I finally sold that one 2 weeks ago to a club member who always wanted one and gave him an awesome deal on it for sure he is now super happy it was a 1972 greenwood Kodiak Magnum but 55 lb. Draw weight, I sold him the bow with a dozen custom King yellow cedar wood arrows ( cost over a hundred to build) with a new string and a new recurve shooter glove and a new authentic Bear recurve stinger all for $160.00, I could of got way more for the package but anyone who knows me that I am not a greedy person and it went to someone with a passion for Bear bows like me and he really appreciate it. I look forward to seeing him shoot it at are club range, here's the pics of the complete package I sold him, nice ha.....tra

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