My Big Azz Potbelly Bass, What A Toad!


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Mar 3, 2006
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So the last few days out on my pond sessions I been having the worse luck with hook sets and yesterday morning I lost a couple of pond monsters on my Popping frog trying to get them through the heavy vegetation. It was 105 feel like and windy on top of that.
I decided to go back to using the regular booyah frog instead of the Popping version it gets better hook sets the way its designed. So I did a sunset session yesterday and not one strike the bank activity the bite was shut down hard. A waste of time. It bugged me the whole night over the lost of the 2 pond monsters and I was determined to get back at it the next morning.
I checked and re tied all my pole lines I wanted no excuses when I get the next big hookup, I put my regular booyah frog on and headed out for a morning session.
It was over cast but totally calm as a rain storm was heading my way. I hit a pond on the back course and started casting along bank working the weedlines and I get a major blowup and I set the hooks hard and the next thing it chaos in the water now I think it's a small gator until I saw the big tail, it was a great fight and I didnt loose it got it on the bank it was all smiles. Just shy of 22 in. A solid lunker!
Did some quick pics and released it back in to fight another day.
This is a great gene pool bass that will produce the quality of bass I have in my ponds.
I have a few ponds with more of these pond Monsters running around that escape my hook I will b working on for another shot... tra








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