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I took my girl to the Vet Hospital yesterday to find the source of her pain, thinking it was most likely the arthritis in her knees. Hoping pain meds would keep her comfortable and at my side.
The X rays revealed the shadows of cancer in her lungs. The years of hard hunting and work as a service dog had forced her retirement a couple of years ago. I had fun with the banter between myself and Dave "birddog3" saying " Well Dave I guess it's my 10 1/2 year old girl against yours". Followed by Dave's " I guess so" that stays in my memory. She was a wonderful hunter, competition dog and service dog to me on the tough days. Always by my side and forever faithful.
I woke this morning went about my routine and immediately noticed her absence at my side.Moving the outside dogs to their kennels I again miss her but when I went to the kitchen to make coffee the sound of her toenails on the floor are silent and is too hard to handle. Trigger's passing was very hard as he was by best friend. Reno and I had a bond that words can not explain. Now she joins her mother Dy and Trigger at the Rainbow Bridge. Some may doubt the existence of the bridge but I have to believe in it. In it lies all of my hopes and wishes to once again be united with my friends.

Several top ten finishes in NAGDA competition, she always be on the leader board for me.
Ace of Diamonds Reno was her registered name as she was a gift to me along with her mother Dynamite Lady from her breeder. Reenie was her call name. She was a mentor to many puppies in training over her 12 1/2 years.

Farewell to Dad's Girl "Find Those Birds"



Fletcher was one ofthose dogs mentored by Reenie upon starting his training with Bryce, he was very sad to hear the news.
Fletcher and I are often guests of Bryce and Reenie when e go out of town on various NAGDA and BDC competition. Renie was always gracious and accepting of the little guy with the big muscles.
Because Fletcher is a Braque du Bourbonnais I was always questioned "how come he runs so big?" My answer will continue to be "because he started running with the big dogs (Reenie and Trigger) was he was just a little pup. Thanks to Reenie's contribution to his trainning Fletcher is now 2X BDC champion.
As Bryce texted me yesterday: "God must have needed another good dog"
We miss her.


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Bryce, it is heartfelt sorrow that I say how sorry I am to hear of Reno's passing. She was a wonderful companion and was lucky to have such good parents as you & Penny. For those who may doubt the existance of the Rainbow Bridge, they must have "just dogs". For those of us who believe in the Rainbow Bridge. We have had many hrs, days & years of enjoyment from our 4-legged family members. She will never replaced in your heart, but the memories you have of her will last a lifetime! Rest in peace Reno!


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Bryce sorry to hear I remember her very well great dog all the way around. Cody is not doing well at 11 years old just wish for a couple more days with him, I will miss him greatly too. Anyway take care The Lab Guy


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Very sorry to read about Reno. It is very difficult to say goodbye to a friend that you know so well and loved. Lot's of people don't understand why some take it so hard, after all they're just pets. When you bond as deeply as you and her did they are not just a pet, they are family, four legged and hairy, but family none the less. I put down my dog Dakota a year ago this past December, he was 12 y.o. and had prostate cancer. Not a day goes by that I don't think about him, he was by my side his entire life, I knew what he was thinking before he ever thought it and vice versa. I sent a teaspoon full of his ashes off to a lady back east who adds them to glass - she made a pendant for me with them, I took the rest of the ashes and scattered them at Lake Shasta, a place we enjoyed and spent lots of time swimming, fishing and hunting. I am personally greatfull to have shared the same sort of bond you did with Reno with all three of the dogs I've had and have, its one of lifes greatest rewards hair and all. I hope to find this bridge and see it for myself someday.


JHO Lemore#2 036.jpgI just wanted to say thanks for all of the kind words from all that responded to this thread it means more to me than you know. I also wanted to tell everyone I just received a letter from the Dean's office at the University of California Davis, Veterinary Hospital and School of Medicine. The letter was in regard to Reno's passing and to tell me there was a donation made in her name to a fund set up for medical companion and service dogs. The donation was made by Sierra Veterinary Hospital. It is comforting to know she will be able to help others even after her passing.
"Find those Birds!"
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