My first video clip!


Apr 6, 2001
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Now that I got your attention with the 12 point lie, check out my video cam page at
Float your mouse over the black box to start the video.  May take a bit to load.  

I set my cam out last week  and the very first clip was of a dog chewing on the camera.  He actually chewed the latch open and I got water in the housing.  Fortunately, the camera was not hurt.  To make a long story short, he knocked my camera out of view of the food plot and I got 5 other clips where I could hear the deer, but could not see anything but the cow peas.  I guess I should have washed my KFC dinner from my hands before putting up the camera.  I also need to put a rain guard over the lens which I quickly found out by the video clips that had a nice closeup of raindrops on the glass.  

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