My thread deleted, cant upload pics. SERVER UPGRADE


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So I started a thread in the Hot topics/ politics section. Its not there anymore. It wasn't that controversial . The title was something like " shall we become subjects."

Then I went to a place where I posed a reply, It was in the blacktail hunting forum. I replied to the " Deer and Bear" thread. My reply was gone but all others were still there.

What gives ?



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I just went to a couple of other threads that I left replies on , over the past few days , they are gone also .
I hope its nothing personal, just a computer glitch ? I hope.

Moderators ???



We are upgrading servers BOW so it may have gotten lost in the move to the new server. We're on the new server now so please try again. A couple of my posts disappeared also and we cant upload pics to a post now. Working on fixing it now.

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