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My father and a couple friends drew xzone this year and as hard as I tried I just couldn’t get my dad within his effective shooting range,we did get him to 250 yards of a nice 4x4 and off a tripod with a saddle he missed two shots.
The last morning of the hunt the same buck was back on the hill but he was 300 yards out,it didn’t take but a second and my dad told me to tell my friend that still had his tag to go after him.8152648F-CC7D-4D9E-A8FA-541641BD6E4E.jpeg

As we were watching this buck a small fork appeared off to the side the little fella was actually dogging a doe like the rut was going on full swing.He was running all over the hill and finally left the doe and started working up to the top and as I was watching him a new buck appeared from out of nowhere,he was a solid 4x4 and my pal wanted him over the previous 4x4.
We checked the wind made a plan and the wheels started turning I had to drive around to the back side of the mountain hike up a another hill to start glassing and find where this new buck was headed,after 10 minuets of glassing and no bucks we were sure he was in the only ravin that I couldn’t see down into.I then glassed my friend on the top of the ridge as he was sneeking over,it took him a bit and he found the buck bedded in the very bottom and next thing I hear is the pow!

And that’s all she wrote.
The two other friends of mine after opening weekend hunted on there own and also got nice bucks
3-4 is not bad on a California hunt and we should have been 4-4 but oh well,we had a blast we saw a total of 25 buck through the season and my dad passed on every opportunity at the smaller bucks.


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Wow some nice studs 6x7, wtg and congrats to everyone who filled their tags. Is your dad done for the season or is he still going to try and fill his tag. Thnx for sharing!. ..tra


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6x7, you are killing us, congratulations. And way to go on spending quality with your pops and not pressuring him.


Congrats on three and sorry you missed #4 but at least you and your dad got to spend time together.
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That's awesome you all scored some great bucks. Congrats to your dad for stepping aside and letting them others take their deer.


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VERY nice bucks! Great job on a successful hunt. I hope your Dad ends up filling his tag; it isn't too late.

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