's Top 10 Most-Watched Shows in October


Mar 11, 2001
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369's Top 10 Most-Watched Shows in October


Congratulations to the programmers who had the Top 10 most-watched shows in October! We had a record number of streams for the month -- over 512,000! If your show isn't on the Top 10 list, read on ... we'll tell you how to improve your ranking.

A video produced by the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife was not only the most-watched single video on in October, but it led all show titles in number of streams for the month. Titled Irrevocable Decision , the video is a look at the accidental shooting of a hunter in Maine in 2004. The video appears on Maine's page in the site's "State Explorer" section.

The most-watched hunting show for the month was Hunting 201, hosted by Kim Hicks, while the top fishing show was Jimmy Houston Outdoors. The full list of shows in our Top 10 for October includes:

1 - Maine's Irrevocable Decision
2 - Cabela's Outfitter Journal
3 - Jimmy Houston Outdoors
4 - Shooting USA: Blackhawk Pro Tips
5 - Shooting USA: Army Pro Tips
6 - Hunting 201
7 - A-Way Outdoors
8 - Fishing with Roland Martin
9 - Alabama Conservation
10 - Bird Dogs Forever

From the beginning, we intended to offer a wide range of programming to meet the varied interests of outdoors enthusiasts. This Top 10 list certainly illustrates that we're accomplishing that! Hunter safety, fishing, shooting, hunting, conservation, and bird dogs -- all are represented among our most-watched shows.

If you'd like to shoot for the Top 10 most-watched list, check out our Top 10 suggestions:

1 - Promote your presence on in each issue of your show's newsletter. Don't have one? Start one!
2 - Add a button or banner link on your website so viewers can click straight to your show.
3 - Send out press releases announcing your show's presence on, the addition of new episodes, and other news.
4 - Publish our press releases on your website.
5 - Refer viewers of your broadcast show to to see more episodes.
6 - Add new show episodes regularly so viewers have a reason to keep coming back.
7 - Mention during your seminars and other public appearances.
8 - Send us still photos of your show's host in action for use on our site.
9 - Ask your show's sponsors to include a link to your show on their websites.
10 - Contact us! We'll provide graphics, make sure you get all our press releases, send you quotes for your press releases, set up interviews, and give you other ideas.

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Feb 20, 2004
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Can't believe Jimmy Houston was on that list!

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