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Nov 16, 2003
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2005 Nantucket February Deer Season


December 21, 2004--On December 20, 2004, in response to a request from Nantucket town officials, the Fisheries and Wildlife Board voted to allow a one week deer hunting season on Nantucket in February of 2005.

This deer hunting season will open on February 7 and continue through February 12, 2005. Hunters must possess a valid 2005 hunting or sporting license and purchase 5 winter season antlerless deer permits in order to participate in the Nantucket deer season. Antlerless deer permits will be sold in bundles of five and will include one additional antlered deer tag for $25. These permits will be valid only for this February season. The taking of an antlered buck during this February season will not affect the 2005 fall bag limit of two antlered deer. Location of permit sales will be provided by mid-January. Updates will be posted on this page as further details become finalized by mid-January.

Deer hunters may use shotguns, bow and arrows or muzzleloaders. Hunters must wear 500 square inches of hunter orange on chest, back and head. Rabbit hunting with dogs and rifles is prohibited during the one week deer season.

For a map of a number of properties open to hunting, contact the Nantucket Conservation Foundation at or call them at 508/228-2884. Hunters should contact the Nantucket Chamber of Commerce at or call at 508/228-1700 for lodging, dining and transportation options.

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