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Mar 11, 2001
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Howdy folks,

i use the NG TOPO software and they have made an upgrade available that can be downloaded here:

i just downloaded the upgrade and it has several new features such as with the GPS compatability with a lot of the newer GPS units now being included that previously were not

i have used this TOPO software for several years now and with my older Magellan 315 it worked fine but with my newer Garmin Map76 it wouldn't recognize it which was a pain to say the least
i was having to manually edit a lot of the waypoint names and labels by using the software set to recognize the E-Map (recommended by NG) when using my Map76 but this took a lot of time and effort

needless to say it is worth the time to download the upgrade if you use the National Geographic software because it makes life a lot easier when using a newer GPS unit and uploading or downloading waypoints

check it out,

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