Navy divers pulling old ordnance from Nevada lake


Divers plucking old ordnance from lake



Navy divers are plunging into the depths of Pyramid Lake to recover rockets and other ordnance submerged since World War II-era training missions.

The cooperative venture between the Navy and Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe is designed to remove hundreds of rockets and hundreds of pounds of ammunition fired from Navy planes about 60 years ago.

“It’s important to get it out,” said Norm Harry, tribal chairman. “I guess it’s peace of mind.”

Divers are operating from two barges moored a few hundred yards off Sutcliffe on Pyramid Lake’s west shore.

In 1944, the Navy leased 76 acres of land from the tribe and established the Pyramid Lake Torpedo and Bombing Range, according to tribal officials. For the next two years, fighter pilots practiced strafing wooden barrels floating on the lake and low-level torpedo runs over the water, according to a 2004 Navy publicity release.

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