Nebraska Legislature Guts Gun Control Bill

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Jul 20, 2006
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On Wednesday, March 12, the Nebraska Legislature passed a heavily amended LB958, sponsored by State Senator Brad Ashford (District 20) by a 25-13 margin. As now amended, LB 958 simply authorizes the state?s crime commission to study the causes of crime and violence in Nebraska and eliminates all references to "assault weapons." The commission would only be empowered to make recommendations to the legislature, not suggest legislation or enact regulations. The amendment (#2235) also repeals Nebraska?s archaic permit-to-purchase system, making it easier for law-abiding citizens to purchase a handgun. The legislation, as amended, would also set up a voluntary reporting mechanism for gun owners whose firearms have been lost or stolen. Gun owners in cities that require registration, such as Omaha and Lincoln, shall not be charged with a crime involving not registering or improperly registering if they are reporting the loss or theft of an unregistered or improperly registered firearm.

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