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Neck Meat ?


On almost every Video I have seen Deer, Hog. Bear they trow away the neck meat ? ussually skinning down to the neck and then dropping the headneck and skin on to the ground or Bucket. What a waste !
I have found the neck to be a super roast, am I the Only one that apprciates the Neck meat ?
I agree that neck meat is great from large game. Though I'm not so sure I would bother with neck meat from rabbits. Of course your rabbits my qualify as big game.
Decades ago I partially froze the neck of a deer. I then took a bandsaw to it, slicing it into steaks. Turned out to be some of the best damn venison steaks I have ever eaten. Neck meat never goes in the trash.


There's a lot of good meat on the neck. I like to braise it. Brown it then cook it slow in a dutch oven with some liquid, potatoes and carrots pot roast style. Sometimes I'll put it in the crockpot in some broth.


Heck no! Neck meat is easy to get off. I like the neck meat! It's nice sized! I don't bother with going in between all the ribs though. Usually by the time I've gotten that far into it.. the Yellow Jackets are pretty bad at the kill site and it's at the limits of my tolerance for them, and I get nervy that they are gonna go aggro on me and mess around and bite at me. Hasn't happened yet. But I've also learned to only skin-as-I-go so I don't expose the meat to the air until I'm ready to work on that section in terms of removing the muscles. Found that helps in slowing down how many Yellow Jackets arrive and try to come in to the area I'm currently working at on the animal. I also make sure to walk the guts a lil bit away so the damn bugs will go over there instead. I need to go carefully too because there's usually A LOT of ticks on them too! And I spray my clothing with the permethrin, but still, I don't wanna press my luck with ticks, so I'm REAL careful to keep checking myself during processing. Because they do try to cross over onto me some times. Eesh.

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