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Neezer is 11 today!

Frank X. Morris

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Howdy All,
That's right, Neezer is 11 and still trots after them jacks. Since I retired we try to get out 6 days a week. Doesn't always happen but we try. Sometimes we don't see any jacks for a week and then others we may see one each day. I estimate he has run about 700-800 of the long eared critters, and served up breakfast about 24 times. So happy birthday to my good boy!


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Third Icon from the end when your posting. looks like a window, next to the film strip, click on select from computer "select file", click on the pic, click on down load and it is there.
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Our first Whippet was born 4/8/80, and our Wirehaired Vizsla, Dani is 7 today.

Happy Birthday to Neezer, extra ear scratches from me.
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