NEOWA scholarship fund sees big increase


Mar 11, 2001
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NEOWA scholarship fund sees big increase

October 31, 2004

Montpelier Times Argus Staff Report

Thanks to the generosity of a long-time Windsor man, the Board of Directors of the New England Outdoor Writers Association announced it is increasing the amount awarded to scholars from New England's six land grant universities from $1,000 to $2,500 each, totaling $15,000 annually.

For 35 years, NEOWA has annually rewarded students studying natural resources at the University of Maine at Orono, University of New Hampshire, University of Vermont, University of Massachusetts, University of Connecticut, and University of Rhode Island with cash stipends.

NEOWA works with the natural resource faculty of each University to conduct personal interviews and select six scholarship recipients, who then receive the monetary stipend at the writers' annual conference held in February in Worcester, Mass.

The Scholarship Program is NEOWA's major fund-raising activity, supported by the generosity of individual and supporting members of the organization.

The scholarship fund recently received a huge boost from Carl E. Braun, a former Windsor resident, a Vermont native and long-time NEOWA member, who died in 2003.

Braun's substantial donation convinced NEOWA's Board of Directors to increase the scholarship award to each of the six students to $2,500.

"Following the way he lived his life, Carl, who was very humble and never wanted personal recognition, asked that his scholarship funds be given in memory of another deceased NEOWA member, Sherman L. Lowell, who lived in Springfield, Mass.," said Mark Scott, long-time chair of NEOWA's Scholarship Program.

"Carl sure had a big heart when it came to kids, often anonymously helping many local youths in the Windsor area," said Scott.

"He also greatly enjoyed traveling to the University of Vermont and challenging the minds of young natural resource students on the role of hunting and trapping in modern day wildlife management."

Now many of these students studying the outdoors will get a big boost in their education because of Carl."

The New England Outdoor Writers Association is the largest and oldest regional outdoor writers' organization in North America. It started in the 1940s. Today, it has over 200 members and a goal of encouraging excellence and professionalism in the outdoor sports communication media. Some NEOWA members actively write in magazines, newspapers and books, while others produce outdoor paintings, television and radio shows, and some do public affairs work for fish and wildlife agencies.

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