Nevada Big Game Applications Open


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What's the difference between hunt 1235 and 1331? [I just started looking, so if this is going to become obvious in a couple of more pages on the NDOW site, forgive me]


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can someone enlighten me about how it works when applying as a party?

My dad and I each have 2 points but if we apply as a party only the party leader gets teh draw numbers or ping pong balls or what ever you call it right? or is each member in the draw meaning you would have better odds?

I am pretty sure it is the former but just curious as we were debating on whether to apply solo to increase our odds of at least one of us getting a tag.


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I believe it increases your odds as long as you have the same amount of points or more. If you bring someone in that has no points I'm sure it doesn't help you out any just them. One nice thing is you pull then you all pull and it keeps you all together. I've never done it but might start after the kids leave the house. Good Luck

sean english

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I have only lately thought about putting in for mountain goat or big horn sheep.
How does it work? If i dont get drawn, i get the money back?
I am at work and dont have time to read the whole regulation page.

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