Nevada Early deer hunt


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I like those pics, looks like you have a dream hunt and you guys even brought home dream bucks. Congrats!


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Looks like it was a great hunt! what zone were you in? I just happened to have gotten drawn for the late season hunt in 013 (only 2 out of state tags). With that i was able to get this guy SAM_4193 (1).jpg



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Mare is doing great, Katy mule is now 8 mo old and is going to be another good one. wife and daughter don't want me to breed her again,,,she is 28 now and I guess time for retirement, need another broodmare!


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Thats great!! I didnt realize she was that old!! She is in great shape and produces some of the best mules I have seen. If you want another mule come look at my mares and we can breed what ever mare to which ever jack you want. I have several good producing mares that have crossed really well with the little jack. You could even take the mare and mule foal to your place after its born and raise them there until the its time to wean. What ever you want to do, were easy.


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Love those pics! Congrats on the hunt. I could only pray and hope that my kids and I will be doing that later in our years.

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