Nevada Unit 81 Mule Deer- late season

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Anyone out there done this Dec-Jan late season mule deer hunt? My neighbor drew it two years but due to severe snow could not access his planned hunting area. He recommended having a snowmobile ready for this hunt? I'm a resident with a few years points and should be able to draw it. Looking at very late season NV hunts this year due to out of state (ID & WY) Also looking at some of the Washoe Co late season hunts because their close to home.


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I believe he would not be able to access 81 during the late year. It always depends on the weather, but that area gets dumped on when the storms move it. I drew in 72 last year and the snow can be a problem in that unit as well.

Caught this post after NV Draw. I would shoot for the late season WC hunt. Very close to home and you can make a few trips if time permits. I put in for my normal Area 7 (Elko County) deer and elk. Everything else close to home around Sparks...

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