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New CA Freshwater Record!


Angler calls 202-pound catch a 'dream come true'</span>

Jim Matthews ONS

<div align='left'>1/2/08</div>
<div align='left'> Robert Coleman got his Christmas present early when he landed a 202-pound sturgeon -- the largest fish ever caught from freshwater in Southern California -- on Dec. 23 from Hesperia Lake.</div>
<div align='left'> The avid Rancho Cucamonga angler is a regular at the small high desert lake, but his biggest fish before the 200-plus plunder was a 15-pound sturgeon he caught last summer.</div>
<div align='left'> "I fish all the time, so for a guy like me, this is a dream come true," said Colemen of the huge catch. Other than the sturgeon, Coleman's biggest fish was an eight-pound catfish, also caught at Hesperia Lake.</div>
<div align='left'> Coleman was fishing with 15-pound test line, a 2/0 circle hook and anchovies for bait. He also added a piece of sponge to hold some crawdad-flavored Smelly Jelly, and then sprayed the whole works with crawdad Bang. After hooking the monster fish, Coleman said the fish took him 20 to 25 minutes to land. Another angler gave him a hand wrestling the fish up on the bank for photos.</div>
<div align='left'> The sturgeon in Hesperia Lake were planted in two lads this past year. The first plant of small fish from 12 to 40 pounds went in on April 12, and the second load, which had fish from 40 pounds up including Coleman's fish (and an even bigger sturgeon estimated to weigh 210 pounds), was planted on October 25, according Ed Rister, lake manager.</div>
<div align='left'> The best part of the story? Coleman released the big fish to be landed by another angler.</div>



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that is a very nice lookin fish........the "lake" behind him kinda looks like a pond...LOL


Well-known member
<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (JNDEER @ Jan 5 2008, 07:05 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div>
that is a very nice lookin fish........the "lake" behind him kinda looks like a pond...LOL[/b]

Southern California Definitions:

Pond: Any still body of water you can't jump clear across.

Lake: Any still body of water you can't wade across.

A prime example: Santee Lakes. You can drive by all 7 of the "Lakes" in about a half mile. None of them are bigger than about an acre.


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<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE </div>
he "lake" behind him kinda looks like a pond...LOL[/b]
It is. You can cast to the middle from just about anywhere around the shore. Nice place to go. They have always been good at dumping in lots of trout in the cold months and cats in the hot weather. The NW corner of the lake is the best. You'll know exactly where because that's where they all run to when the lake opens up. Some people there get wayyyy to serious about their fishing. Can ruin it for a family outing.

The sturgeon must do a great job at cleaning out the lake bottom. Which is why I wouldn't eat that fish either.

Kit Fox

Am I the only who finds it hard to believe he is holding a two hundred pound fish in a "bicep curl?"


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That's one of my favorite places to fish. I caught a sturgeon about a 10th that size, and it was absolutely delicious! On that same day I saw a monster brought to shore on the opposite side of the lake. Two guys were rolling around with it in a bear-hug at water's edge. They took some pictures and put it back. I was probably about that same size, but I don't think the fisherman reported the catch.


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<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE </div>
Am I the only who finds it hard to believe he is holding a two hundred pound fish in a "bicep curl?"[/b]
No your not! I seen one that went 140lbs a guy had speared and it was considerably larger than that fish. I gotta think that one may be pushing 100lbs.

Rob P

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First things first, white sturgeon is by far my favorite fish to eat. Period. Dip it in egg and milk, roll it in cornmeal, flour and lemon pepper mixed together and fried it up and then tell me if it's not good.

Second, this record needs a Barry Bond's asterisk next to it since it was only two months removed from a hatchery or fish farm. Are you sure he didn't catch it on those little fish pellets you buy from the hatchery gum ball machine?


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Not trying to take away from his catch, but is that a stocked and fed pond? If it is, that record shouldn't count since anyone can raise a fish that big, if given enough food.


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A 200 lb fish would be oversize and not legal according to the DFG regs. I suggest that fish is quite a bit smaller.

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