New "California Outdoors Q&A" Column to Debut


Mar 11, 2001
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New "California Outdoors Q&A" Column to Debut


Do you enjoy California's outdoors but when questions come up about the fish or wildlife you see, there's no one to ask? Need help in deciphering those sometimes complicated hunting and fishing regulations? Want tips on where to go to find some of California's best hunting, fishing and outdoor adventures on public lands? If so, answers are on the way, as the California Department of Fish and Game (DFG) is launching a new weekly "California Outdoors Q&A" column to answer all of those questions and more.

The column, to be made available weekly by DFG and designed to go into any publication, Web site, etc., will address questions from the public dealing with topical issues or regulations and it will provide facts about the state's fish and wildlife species. The column will also inform the public on where to go to hunt and fish and will help readers to enjoy all of the unique outdoor opportunities that California has to offer. Many readers will be surprised to learn some of the facts offered of California's diverse fish and wildlife and of the tremendous hunting, fishing and wildlife watching opportunities available throughout the state, and close to home.

Carrie Wilson, a 20-year veteran with DFG and an avid outdoor enthusiast, angler and hunter, will each week offer tips, news and answers to questions from readers. She is a marine biologist with an ample background of professional experience working in both fisheries and wildlife management. An established award-winning outdoor writer, Carrie enjoys tackling the tough questions from the public and will be regularly tapping into the expertise of the DFG's game wardens and many fisheries, wildlife and marine biologists to best cover all the topics.

The column will debut for publication on Thursday, May 29, so make plans for it to run in your publication now. A new column will be released every Thursday as a news release and eventually an RSS feed. A special Web page will be set up which will include all archived columns, a downloadable picture of Carrie, as well as a special link to submit questions and subscribe to the RSS feed.

Media Contact:

Steve Martarano, DFG Office of Communications, (916) 322-8639


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Nov 7, 2001
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That was a good idea. She has been doing it for WON for quite a while and is good at it.

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