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Mar 11, 2001
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NEW GAME CAM WITH CELL PICS. I bought a Creative Pro 3G cell game cam off Amazon. They are american made and small family owned so I figured id try them. Always wanted the instant cell pics from the field while i sit in the recliner. Ah,,,,,.

Here's my first night pic. Thats a golf cart buzzing down the lane abut 50ft away. The trigger was good and fast, it caught the cart going about 5mph. Weve got cameras down low to get face pics, this cam is to alert the owners that something came down their trail on their back 40. The moon is pretty bright tonight so that helped and if you see that flash across the trail there, thats another game cam. The cart tripped that cam too and youre seeing the IR emitters on. Kind of a trippy pic. No pun intended.

Camera is on a chainlink fence top rail pole up 8ft. That pole isnt big enough, someone big could yank the pole over. Need to go up to 3" pipe and i found some on their farm.

The camera was easy to set up without the manual for me, if you dont do menus on computers a lot then use the manual. Batteries were easy to load. The SIM card and SD card come inserted already.

They have their own cell plan called simHERO that uses AT&T towers. I bought the 1.5 gigs a month for $89 yearly. Im not sure how much this cell cam will eat up in data yet. Nice slick website to manage your SIM cards, change rates etc. It took about 1 minute to get the email pic using a Gmail account. Pro tip. If you dont get the email check your spam or junk email boxes, thats where the owners email went. You can load 2 email recipients. Text also.

Lots of batteries to power this unit, 12 AAs. Im usingTenavolts rechargeable AA lithiums at a true 1.5vdc. Spendy suckers but they are saving me a lot of money on lithium alkaline batteries. I also use Amazons stock AA batteries. They seem to be working ok. I use them in cameras in risky areas, not such a big a loss like the rechargeable AA batts. The solar panel option with lithium battery is $49.

$298.72 on Amazon.







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