New Directors Elected to ATA Board


Mar 11, 2001
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New Directors Elected to ATA Board


Marvin Carlston of Gold Tip re-elected to second term. Winning new seats are first-timers Greg Easton of Easton Technical Products and David White of Cajun Archery. Paul Vaicunas returns to Board in new position at Parker Compound Bows.

Marvin Carlston, president and co-founder of Gold Tip Inc., was elected to his second three-year term on the 16-member ATA Board of Directors during its annual winter elections. The election also returned Paul Vaicunas to the Board in his new position as vice president of the Crossbow Division at Parker Compound Bows. Vaicunas previously served on the Board while with Horton Manufacturing.

Carlston and Vaicunas will be joined by two new directors: Greg Easton, president of Easton Technical Products; and David White, president/CEO of Cajun Archery. Meanwhile, Board Chair Laverne Woock, president/CEO of Delta Sports Industries; Board Vice Chair Todd Vaaler, director of operations for Gateway Feathers; and Malcom Snyder, vice president of Pape’s Archery Inc., will step down from the Board on Monday, March 31.

The terms for all new Board directors begin April 1, 2008, and expire March 31, 2011.

Other candidates taking part in the election were Mark Bernegger, founder of Southern Outdoor Technologies; Bernie Pellerite, president of Robinhood Video Productions; Hugh Trussell II, owner of Blue Sky Archery; and Mike Walston, chief of operations for Lone Wolf Portable Treestands.

Woock said he enjoyed his six years of Board service, including the past two years as chair. He said the Board dealt with several divisive issues during his tenure, such as federal excise taxes on archery equipment, but he likes the industry’s increasingly positive atmosphere. “We’re now in the business of creating opportunities, not putting out fires like we often had to do in my early years on the Board,” Woock said. “We’re building programs to grow our sport and creating benefits packages to help all ATA members. I’m more convinced than ever that the ATA has the right leader in Jay McAninch, and that he has the vision and determination to move this industry forward.”

The Board’s new members voiced support for ongoing programs to grow archery and increase ATA membership. “The ATA deals with many issues that are much bigger than any one company or group of companies,” Easton said. “The ATA coordinates efforts that require the entire industry’s support, not just from dealers or manufacturers. That’s why it’s so important to increase ATA membership. The more people who are involved in ATA, the better the entire industry will be represented.”

White agreed. “We might disagree at times on some issues, but the ATA is the only body that represents the archery industry and the consumptive users who hunt with archery equipment,” he said. “It’s good business to get involved and stay involved. We have some good-sized companies in archery, but the industry’s backbone has always been its many relatively small companies. We all have to work together or else we’ll hang together.”

Vaicunas said he plans to continue his efforts to strengthen the annual ATA Trade Show, and to help expand archery participation nationwide. “Whether it’s the National Archery in the Schools Program, After School Archery Program, Community Archery Program or National Alliance for the Development of Archery, we have to explore and support opportunities for people to participate and keep shooting,” he said.

The ATA Board will elect its three-person Executive Committee in late March, and will announce the new chair and vice chairs on March 31. Woock served the past year as chair. His vice-chairs were Vaaler and Peter Crawford of G5. As outgoing chair, Woock will continue to serve as an Ex-Officio Board member and has voting rights in the event of a tie.

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