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Brian S

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May 17, 2001
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  As long as my flight doesn't get cancelled I am going back East to Connecticut this November. It will be my second trip, last year I got a doe. It is definitly not the long hiking that I'm used to in California. Anybody have any tips on tree stand placement and scent use. Last year I think the rut had just passed when I was there. I'll be there again, the week of thanksgiving. Do whitetail respond to the doe/fawn calls or is a grunt tube the only call I'll need?
  How about shipping guns u.p.s., last year I used a my cousin's (out there) rifle and made a poor shot. I want to bring my own but I'm afraid of getting it held up or lost in the airlines. I thought  u.p.s might be a better solution I'll have to go on their web site and look that up. I'd appreciate any insight for these far east bucks.
Brian S
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