New F250 boat launching


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Jul 18, 2014
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I drove the new F250 to the lake for the first time this morning. Even though I fished a couple of times lately I was taking the F150. No real issue with anything for me but a couple of my fishing buddies who struggle backing trailers using mirrors are going to struggle in the future. I am going to add a Tonneau cover so they won't be able to look over their shoulder and see the empty trailer. In the past they have lowered the tailgate on the 150 but with a cover lowering the tailgate isn't going to do any good. I may just have to go get the truck myself from now on. Just for grins I tried to back down the ramp with the empty trailer using the back up camera. Way too confusing. I am a mirror guy. With the higher stance and wider mirrors it is easier for me to thread the needle and get the boat back in the garage than it used to be.
I have never been comfortable with someone else driving my boat on to the trailer so the other person usually gets the truck while I idle around waiting. No big deal I launch by myself a lot or sometimes with guys who cannot drive a truck and trailer anyway.
I think one or two might be insulted when I just have them hold the rope but we shall see.

On a side note the dealer wrote the VIN number down incorrectly when I purchased the truck and that turned out to be a hassle for them. I had to resign some stuff but I doubt I would have caught the mistake for years if they didn't call my wife last week. I don't think I have ever double checked a VIN number on a new car purchase.


Jul 1, 2015
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So Far so good, to bad it doesn't have the Auto boat launch and parallel parking features

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