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Hey there guys and gals,

Ok I'm new to the site and just wanted to reach out and get involved. I have zero experience with turkey hunting, well I'm a farly new hunter all together actually. I didn't grow up in CA, my dad was in the military so I moved constantly. I'm 34, live in Lancaster CA, and I know zero hunters. I went by myself deer hunting last season and this season... with no luck... saw a couple of does but no bucks. I need/would really appreciate any and all direction as to how to get a shot at a bird. I'm strongly against paying 850.00 to go with some outfitter to shoot a bird he points me towards... I just can't wrap my head around that. I have onx maps and I've searched for public land... but where the hell can I go? lol... it seems like every plot of land is owned by someone! I just don't know what to do or how to go about it.... and its really becoming frustrating.... help?

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Hunting deer in CA with easily accessible tags on public land is tough. You'll need to put in lots of time learning the area and or build points. Even once you've built point up and draw a coveted tag you'll still need to do some work.

My suggestion to a new CA hunter is to go bear hunting. Tags are cheap and easy, the season is liberal and you can hunt some of California's most beautiful lands and best deer habitats and learn them while looking for bear. I'm not suggesting that bear hunting is easy, but if you enjoy hunting for where it can take you, then bear hunting is a great way to start in my opinion. Plus your playing a very important role in bear management at the same time.

Good luck.


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For turkey your going to have to go north or south, you won't find any in your area that I know of. Search the forms and you'll find general areas you can hunt them.


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Nothing beats boots on the ground, to get a starting point research the history of the forum, there is a ton of info here from past posts.
Also the CDFW has a success report on Deer Bear and I believe Turkey population information.
It is tough when you are new, but you have a good start with your onx and being here. Learn what turkey Habitat is and then Google earth to find what looks like good habitat and then get out and looks for sign.
if you find tracks, track them. Learn Read and ask questions of those who would know and don't count the CDFW or the Wardens out, they are usually very helpful and talkative.


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Just a bit bored this fine Sunday, at work when I should be out hunting that I can;t do because I haven't purchased a licence, (My fault)
O well enough of that here you go

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