New hunter here (SF Bay Area)


Jul 21, 2012
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Hello everyone, my name is Jorge and I joined JHO a while back but with so much going on I couldn’t commit much time and effort to hunting at the time. I live in in the SF Bay area (Pleasant Hill) and work as a front-end dev. Since none of my friends or family hunt, I went solo only a handful of times and successfully took rabbit and pheasant at Grizzly Island; I’d still consider myself a new hunter. I wanted to expand and try for big game and so I got my dad involved and convinced him to get his license. Unfortunately, he passed away shortly thereafter before we had a chance to go on a hunt. I shelved the sport and focused on other things – mainly fishing (kayak, spearfishing, abalone). After a nearly 10-year hiatus I’ve once again purchased my hunting license along with a pig tag and the upland stamp and decided to get back into it.

I’m looking forward to learning from everyone here, and hopefully contributing in any way I can. I’m also open to meeting other members willing to go on a hunt, go scouting, etc, within a few hours of the bay area – or farther depending on my availability.



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