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Jul 2, 2020
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Hi everyone,

I've been reading posts on this forum for the past couple years now and finally decided I should join haha. I'm fairly new to hunting still, this year will only be my 2nd season deer hunting as well and my brother in law who I go with. I live down here in Orange County and absolutely love anything outdoors and firearm related. I hope to gain some new knowledge about hunting from all you fellow hunters and enthusiasts alike, and hope maybe even I may offer some help when I am able to! I just purchased my deer tag for D14 this season and this will be my 1st time hunting this zone so fingers crossed. Last season we hunted D11 with no luck but did spot a couple doe which was still awesome, and any time outdoors is a good time in my opinion! Thanks all for stopping to read my post and I hope everyone has a great day and a great hunt this season.

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