New JHO format. Whats new tab different


Hi Guys,
Is it only me or someone else find the main "What's New" page highly unusable.
Too crowded and hard to navigate? I liked the old format for its usability. Just click on "What's New" tab and you see all the threads with updates/ new posts since your last visit.

Now, they are lost in the amount of messages.
What do you think?


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I was having the same problem as you. I found that clicking on the "What's New" tab, then directly under that tab, you'll see the word "Activity Stream", then to the right you'll see " new posts" . Click on that and it will take you to the old layout. Hope this helps.


Oh man, you saved me from nerve breakdown.
I was about to declare lost and leave this site forever. Now you guys have do cope with me some more

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