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New Kifaru Pack Pics

Gaucho Wino

That new frame looks sweet. I have the old duplex frame and the bikini frame. I'm not a fan of the bikini...might be time to sell it and upgrade!

Where's Bruce?

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Wow, this old thread is back up? Ha! You won't be the first to upgrade GW but I kept my old Duplex frame and DT1 pack cuz I think it's fine for many applications and still far superior to most options I have (and i own like 14 packs now). That said, this rig was a joy to hunt in last fall in the Rockies. Everything I needed fit in the pouches easily...nice light and tight rig.

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500ml of water equals 1Lbs.

1 Gallon = 3.89 Liters
5 Gallon = 19.45 Liters

19.45 * 2 = 38.9 Lbs.

Where's Bruce?

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3L bladder (full) is about 6.6lbs. In day mode my pack is 16-18lbs depending on water consumption...sometimes I carry a 2L bladder. If i knew then what i knew now i would never have purchased a low end pack ever. A quality pack makes the day so much better. Like boots and optics...spend as much as you can afford, if necessary ask for kifaru gift certificates for Christmas. That's my advice.


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From your last picture it looks as though you are a fair and balanced guy.
Thanks for all the info on the packs.

Son and I drew elk and deer this year- the packs are gonna get a lot of use!

Where's Bruce?

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More like fair and unbalanced. Shortly after this photo was taken (Sep '15) my buddy and I proceeded to stumbled down the wrong (steep) mountain face and busted ourselves up good. Been unable to workout until two weeks ago. The Rockies kicked my butt!

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