New Lo-An excellent Albacore Fishing

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Jul 20, 2006
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Excellent albacore fishing in 1.5 day range today. We had 71 fish to 40# by 10:15 AM, when we had to take off. Boats that stayed all day had 120 to 160 fish for the day. Steady stops all day long. We have a 1.5 day trip with lots of room on it departing Tuesday night. Weather has been flat calm (possibly a little breeze on Tuesday but is forecast to be less than 10 kts on Wednesday).This is a wonderful opportunity for classic albacore fishing with jig strikes, fish on the slide, plunker bites and a few wide open stops.There was also some fantastic kelp paddy fishing to be had a little closer to be had.  We are heading out on a one day trip tonight so we will be trying to get in on some of the kelp action tomorrow.-Markus

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