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Mar 11, 2001
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The link to the gallery is at the top of each forum page on the menu bar.

You can upload your pics in the gallery for free. Just pick the category you want your pic in and upload the pic just like you do in the main forum posts. Pics have to be under 640 x 640 in pixel size and under 150k in size or they won't upload.

There is a slide show where you can view other pics and leave comments also. You can email an e-card to a friend of the pics you like too.

You can post your pics into other forums besides the JHO forum once you load the pic here in the JHO pic gallery. At the bottom of each pic is the UBB code to post your pics into a forum.

Let me know how this works and if I need to tweak any settings or any cateogries we need that are not in the gallery.

Thanks, and happy pic posting.

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