New Ressie System For Cibloa NWR Farm Unit 2 Goose Hunt


Mar 11, 2001
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New Reservation System for the Cibola National Wildlife Refuge Farm Unit 2 Goose Hunt.

Cibola National Wildlife Refuge will begin using a random drawing reservation system to allocate hunting permits for the Farm Unit 2 goose hunting blinds for the 2001/2002 hunting season.

Reservations will be available in 2 day periods, for every Tuesday/Wednesday and Saturday/Sunday beginning on November 3, 2001 through the end of goose hunting season on January 20, 2002.

Hunters may be selected for a maximum of three 2 day hunts, and may bring up to 3 companions to hunt with them. No one may hunt, either as a reservation permit holder or as a reservation companion, in more than 3 hunt periods during the season.

A standby drawing will be held at 4:30 a.m., MST, each hunt morning to fill in for non-reserved blinds and reservation no shows, and hunters may hunt as standby hunters as many times as they wish.

All reservation permit holders will be guaranteed a blind, and blinds will be chosen on the morning of each hunt day, by the permit holder, in numerical order, starting with the lowest permit number first.

Hunters may apply for the 2001/2002 Cibola NWR Farm Unit 2 goose hunt by sending a 3"x5" card with their name, address, Arizona hunting license number for 2001 and/or 2002 as required, and listing up to four 2 day hunts applied for, in priority order.

Permit applications must be received at the refuge headquarters address listed below by October 15, 2001. Permits will be mailed to successful applicants by October 22, 2001.

Hunters are reminded that those applying for dates in January 2002 will need to have a 2002 Arizona hunting license number to participate in the reservation drawing for blinds.

Send Application Cards to:

Cibola NWR
Rt. 2 Box 138
Cibola, Arizona 85328

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