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New Sturgeon Regs for 2013

Cal hunter

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I emailed FG about the new regs and this was the email I got back.

Hi Jason,

Earlier this month after a public process that began before June, the California Fish and Game Commission adopted new regulations for the recreational sturgeon fishery.

Here is a link to the proposal the Commission acted on:


Here is a link to the proposed regulatory language:


The regulations will go into effect no sooner than when the Office of Administrative Law (OAL) does its thing and the regulation is filed with the Secretary of State. The document linked below says that the OAL deadline for these regulations is 12-28-2012:


I don't know how soon the regulations will go into effect after OAL does its thing, but I suspect it'll be by March 2013.


Marty Gingras
BDR-IEP Program Manager
California Department of Fish and Game
Bay Delta Region
4001 North Wilson Way
Stockton, California 95205

Phone (209) 948-3702
Phone (831) 372-2581
FAX (209) 946-6355
email [email protected]
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I hate hate hate the new regs for sturgeon.... They make no sense to me what so ever

Brush Hunter

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I dont mind the new regs. Their designed to increase survival rate and population #'s. Makes our job a little harder, but thats just what is necessary in order to maintain a harvestable pop.


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I think it is perfect. In reality the size has not changed since you know measure to a very distinct mark and there will be no more tail docking to get it to fit within the size requirement. I'll just switch to barbless for everything as well.

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