New world record for steelhead. 33lbs


Mar 11, 2001
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Tom Stienstra, San Francisco Chronicle


A new world record for steelhead was certified this week for Armand Castagna of San Rafael, Dusty Baker's fishing pal and operator of Executive Charters. The feat is equivalent to Barry Bonds hitting five home runs in one game. In a story that appeared in The Chronicle on March 25, 2001 (archived at, Castagna pledged to catch a world-record steelhead and then release it unharmed.

With several witnesses, photographs and videotape, he landed a steelhead on a stream in British Columbia that bottomed out his 30-pound scale, weighing an estimated 33 pounds, and then let it go. The International Game Fish Association subtracted 1.5 pounds for the weight of the sling used to hold the fish, and credited Castagna with a 281/2- pound steelhead on 8-pound line, a record. The previous record was 26 pounds, 9 ounces, caught in 1982.

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