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New Zealand (South Island) May 2015


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Always looking for something to do (hunt) in the spring so New Zealand fit the bill perfectly. Since it seemed like a great place to do other things besides hunting, I decided to take mom and dad along on this one. My brother would also fly in from Madrid to join us. After the hunting was over we would do some sightseeing and drive all around the South Island.

After researching a few names, I decided to book with the one that seemed to always be coming to the top of the list, Gerald and Sue Telford. Everything went very smoothly, and would recommend them to anyone who wants to have a good time hunting on the south island. Gerald has access to a lot of great country and we would quickly see that the areas held lots of game.

The plan was for me to take the tahr and chamois and dad would shoot a stag and a fallow deer.

I thought this might be the hardest one to get. He ended up being about the easiest. The rut was in full effect and this bull was way down low next to the farms. Right on the fence line to be exact! This guy took 4 solid shots before he went down. They are tougher than I thought.

Fallow Deer
Saw this guy a couple times while glassing for stag. The stag we were looking for gave us the slip and this guy decided to show up. Wrong place, wrong time... for him.

Red Stag
Lots of stags all around. Hard to keep track which ones were "inside the fence" and which were "outside the fence" This guy was all alone a good ways up the mountain. Made a stalk on him and dad made a great shot.

This one ended up being the biggest challenge. We got it done in a day, so really wasn't too difficult but the terrain was pretty steep. As you can see from my face I took a bit of a tumble during the recovery. One slip on a wet rock and a combination of everything being wet from the rain the night before, to the steep angle of the mountain, to the rain coat around my waist, made for a nice roll down the mountain. Luckily nothing broken, just some cuts and bruises.

Overall had a great time in New Zealand. A truly wonderful place. A place that I am highly recommending to all my friends. The hunting is great, but the countryside is beautiful just on its own. Green grass and water everywhere. Two lane highways with almost no traffic across the entire island. Food was actually very good. I'm definitely missing the pies (similar to pot pies). It rained a lot while we were there so a few sightseeing plans had to be cancelled. We did get a break in the weather towards the end and were able to take a modified tour of Milford Sound area via helicopter. That was awesome. I highly recommend it! As you'll see in the video my mom enjoyed it as well haha


https://vimeo.com/135500342"> https://vimeo.com/135500342" />


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Nice pictures, great animals and sounds like you had a wonderful trip. Yeah, Kiwi-land is a great place to visit for all sorts of fun. Plus you forgot to mention they speak "English", acually Kiwi so you can get along in American. I bet now that you are back in the Inland Empirt, you'd give anything for some of that Kiwi RAIN.

Thanks for the posting


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Wow New Zealand looks like some super awesome country. Congrats to u and your dad for having a very successful hunting adventure and it's got to be very special to share hunts like that with your dad. Thanks for sharing!......tra

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