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I want a Tuna, bad.  Gonna be in SanDiego on the 17th, short notice i know, I have time to take 3/4 day trip. Can you folks recommend anybody, do i need to make a reservation, how much do i tip and who do i tip?  And do most boats have a big fish contest? If yes how much is it?  I can't wait, can't believe my mean ol wife said i could go fishing! WOOT!!!!!!!!!  Any info would be appreciated. BTW whats my odds of catching a TUNA next week on a 3/4 trip?


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Mar 13, 2001
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Whisky  Sorry for the late reply but I was in AZ hunting turkeys. Usually you have to go on an overnight boat to get tuna. The 3/4 day boats are starting to get some yellowtail but the tuna havnt started to bite yet. Usually you tip depending on the service you get on the boat. Most crews are very helpful and will be happy to answer any questions. Remember you are on a fishing trip. The fish dont always bite. Some trips can come back with nothing at all. Most of the time on the 1/2 or 3/4 day boats there will be fish caught. Sometimes quite a bit, maybe even limits. Tipping is not based on how many fish are caught. The crew will try its best to catch fish because they make more money when they do catch fish. Boats dont always charge the same fees for fish cleaning. Some boats especially the overnight boats have refrigeration. Jackpots also are different from boat to boat. They are usually around 5 dollars. Some boats take 20% for a handling fee. Most guys I know will give half to the crew. Some even give all. I would recommend you try the half day or 3/4 day boats so you can get an idea of what is going on. The tuna havnt started to bite yet. Albacore will hopefully come into range of the overnight boats in good numbers in the coming months. The albacore sometimes will have bluefin tuna with them. Later in the summer we may have Yellowfin tuna migrate in. Last year many of the 3/4 day boats caught them but the overnight boats are a better choice for quantity and quality fish.        Fubar
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