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Mar 24, 2006
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I have a friend who used to be a pretty hot free diver, then he kind of walked away from it. I have been thinking about giving it a go this summer, I have a couple of questions.

I could probably find the answers to these questions with about an hour of digging through F&G regs, I'm hoping somebody here can help and save me some time.

Regarding California rules and regs.

Are all fish that are open for free divers open to divers with tanks?

How about crabs, are divers allowed to take dungies using tanks, or just free diving like the abalone?

Thanks for the help...all be checking out the boards liste above, thanks.


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Jun 8, 2003
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Depending on where you are gettin wet the crabs may not be dungies but rocks, a cousin.

I believe dungs have a closed season like abs but tanks are cool. Rocks limit was 35 a day and no posession limit and I think were 3 1/2" across shell, dungs were 10 a day with larger legal size limit somewhere around 5 3/4" or so, but don't remember if there was a posession limit.

The fng site was easy to nav from what I remember.

have fun

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