Non lead 130 grain ammo for a Winchester .270

Hey all got a question for the seasoned vets around here. I just bought a Winchester .270 and want to get it sighted in. Since California is going to all non lead ammo soon I want to sight it with non lead. Any recommendations for 130 grain non lead .270 ammo? Planning a pig hunt on a friends property this upcoming month so looking to get some range time in before I go. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks


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I would try barnes ttsx, hornady gmx, and federal trophy copper. Ive seen them perform very differently in the same rifle and same bullet weight. Pick the best one, assuming accuracy is acceptable, and be done with it.


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I used to shoot federal trophy copper and had multiple Kills (bucks). Maybe the less expensive from the 3 above. Now that I started loading switched to the Barnes ttsx. Both in 130gr . Every rifle is different so it depends. But if you only have a month any of the 3 will hit within12” diameter at 200yds.( for most people)

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