Nonresident deer, turkey hunting permit prices to increase.


Mar 11, 2001
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Nonresident deer, turkey hunting permit prices to increase.

A $20 per permit increase will bring fees closer to those of neighboring states.

ST. JOSEPH, Mo. -- Out-of-state hunters will pay more for Missouri deer and turkey hunting permits next year. The Missouri Conservation Commission voted for the increases at its monthly meeting June 29 in St. Joseph.

The commission approved a $20 increase for Nonresident Firearms Deer Hunting Permits (from $125 to $145), Nonresident Archer's Deer Hunting Permits (from $100 to $120) and Nonresident Managed Deer Hunting Permits (from $125 to $145). The Commission also added $20 to the cost of Nonresident Spring Turkey Hunting Permits (from $125 to $145) and Nonresident Fall Turkey Hunting Permits (from $75 to $95).

The price of youth deer and turkey hunting permits, which are available to residents and nonresidents, will stay the same. Nonresident bonus deer hunting permits also will remain at their current prices.

"Missouri boasts some of the best deer and turkey hunting in the United States," said Randy Herzog, Conservation Commission Chairman. "The Conservation Department is working to ensure that these populations of wildlife continue to be an abundant and exciting source of recreation for Missouri citizens and visitors to our state."

"Hunting, fishing and trapping have traditionally been important factors in the Conservation Department's management decisions," said Director Jerry Conley. "We have an abiding commitment to the people who enjoy those activities. Maintaining their level of contribution to our funding is one way of maintaining their prominence on the conservation scene."

Conley noted that the prices of Missouri deer and turkey permits currently are lower than the average of prices in neighboring states and will still be average to below average after price increases go into effect next year. Furthermore, he said, the quality of Missouri's deer and turkey hunting is among the best in the nation.

Nonresident firearms deer permits cost $116 in Kentucky (plus $95 for a hunting permit), $205.50 in Kansas, $105.50 in Illinois (plus $100 for a hunting permit and $5.50 for a habitat stamp), $201 in Oklahoma, $150 in Nebraska (plus $10 for a habitat stamp), $156 in Tennessee and $150.50 in Iowa (plus a $5.50 habitat stamp). Arkansas does not sell a separate nonresident deer hunting permit. Its $225 nonresident hunting permit covers all hunting and trapping.

Prices for nonresident archery deer permits are comparable to those for firearms deer permits. The cost of nonresident spring or fall turkey hunting privileges in neighboring states ranges from $225 in Arkansas to $66 in Nebraska.

Conservation Commission Chairman Randy Herzog said increased costs of doing business and expanded conservation efforts require the increases to continue the management of Missouri's wildlife. "The additional revenue for the department will continue such efforts as outreach and education, maintenance of public lands, and development of additional public use facilities," said Herzog.

Another recent initiative is the Private Land Services Division created to assist landowners in enhancing and maintaining Missouri habitat and sound conservation practices. "Over 90 percent of Missouri's land is privately owned," said George Seek, administrator of the Private Land Services Division. "In light of that fact, it's clear that conservation will succeed or fail on private land. We are trying to make sure that private landowners have what they need to succeed."

"Hunting in Missouri is an excellent value," said Conley. "Even with the increases, we are proud that our permits will be significantly less expensive than surrounding states'. We are striving to continue our history of success in the management of game and other wildlife to ensure recreational enjoyment for hunters, trappers, hikers, anglers and all of the citizens of Missouri."

- Jim Low -

Nonresident Deer and Turkey Hunting Permit Prices

Permit  type                                    2001        2002

Non-Resident Firearms Deer Hunting   $125      $145

Non-Resident Managed Deer Hunting   $125     $145

Non-Resident Archer's Hunting            $100      $120

Non-Resident Turkey Hunting (Spring) $125      $145

Non-Resident Turkey Hunting (Fall)      $75       $95
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