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North Dakota Wildlife Agency Partners With MyOutdoorTV.com


North Dakota Wildlife Agency Partners With MyOutdoorTV.com To Stream Outdoor Show


Online TV Network Adds North Dakota Outdoors to "Explore the U.S." Section For On-Demand, 24/7 Viewing

Nashville, Tennessee- Hunters, anglers, and other outdoors enthusiasts can now see why North Dakota calls itself "Legendary," as the state's wildlife agency embarks on a new partnership with MyOutdoorTV.com, the world's largest internet video network for outdoor programming. North Dakota Outdoors, a weekly two-minute show, is now being streamed through MyOutdoorTV.com, a powerful forum developed to promote hunting, fishing, wildlife watching, and natural resource opportunities across the country.

The two-minute videos are produced by the North Dakota Game and Fish Department and have been airing on nearly every commercial television station in the state for the past 15 years.

Show topics run the gamut of outdoors topics, from wildlife species such as sage grouse, mountain lions, snow geese, river otters, and whitetail deer, to such activities as ice fishing, archery, spearfishing, hunting, and snowmobiling. The shows also cover game and fish management topics, land use and management, and other subjects of interest to outdoorsmen and women.

"Our partnership with MyOutdoorTV.com is a chance for hunters, anglers, and trappers from across the country to share, in words and video, the abundance of wildlife and natural resources that North Dakota has to offer," says the show's producer, Tom Jensen.

North Dakota Outdoors episodes are now streamed on demand within MyOutdoorTV.com's "Explore the U.S." section, which provides video from various states and links to each state wildlife agency. The section includes weekly programming, educational videos, safety instruction, wildlife and waterways law enforcement information, and other useful materials. Hunters, fishermen, and boaters are even able to purchase licenses through MyOutdoorTV.com or make donations to the game and fish agencies.

The new affiliation with MyOutdoorTV.com will allow 24/7, on-demand viewing of North Dakota Outdoors by anyone with a high-speed internet connection. Shows and materials provided by the North Dakota Game and Fish Department will also be included and available for search by keyword on the MyOutdoorTV.com website, so that North Dakota shows will appear in results when viewers search for video on a particular topic, activity, species, or location. Users of MyOutdoorTV.com will be able to view current as well as previous episodes of North Dakota Outdoors.

MyOutdoorTV.com will include the North Dakota Game and Fish Department in marketing activities for the site, including TV, radio, print and online advertising and promotions.

"North Dakota offers tremendous outdoor diversity, and North Dakota Outdoors does a great job of showing the wildlife and activities the state has to offer," said Chris Moise, CEO. "We are honored to be able to extend their reach to our audience."

MyOutdoorTV.com is the world's largest online network for outdoor TV programming, currently streaming over 250 show titles on the shooting sports, fishing, boating, and conservation. The site also hosts radio shows, links to outdoor blogs, TipMasters, and The Showroom product video section.

Use of MyOutdoorTV.com is always FREE to viewers, 24/7, with no registration required and no software to download. The site streams TV shows featuring some of the leading names in the outdoors, including Todd Jarrett, Jerry Miculek, Bill Miller, Jackie Bushman, Bill Dance, Hank Parker, Roland Martin, Jimmy Houston, and many others. Visit our website at http://www.myoutdoortv.com.

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