North End of Kingsley Dam to be Temporarily Closed to Fishing beginning April 4 2011.


Mar 11, 2001
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North End of Kingsley Dam to be Temporarily Closed to Fishing

Thursday, March 31, 2011

LINCOLN, Neb. - A portion of the face of Kingsley Dam at Lake McConaughy will be closed temporarily to fishing from sunset to sunrise while the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission collects walleye eggs.

The north one-third of the dam, approximately one-half mile, will be off limits to bank and boat anglers beginning April 4. Game and Parks will use an electroshocking boat to collect male walleye and use 200-foot-long gill nets to capture female walleye and collect their eggs for hatchery production.

The closure is necessary to keep lures and boat props from getting entangled in the nets. The closure is expected to last 5-10 days, but inclement weather conditions or poor catch could extend the closure.

"The area of the dam that will be closed will run from where the rocks begin on the north end to a point south of there that Game and Parks will mark with a flashing hazard light," said Darrol Eichner, southwest Nebraska fisheries supervisor.

A new regulation this year states that from sunset to sunrise April 1-30, all boats within 30 yards of Kingsley Dam must travel in a counter-clockwise direction, and all boats are prohibited within 200 feet of the dam's outlet.

Walleye egg collection at Lake McConaughy, Merritt and Sherman reservoirs is necessary because nearly 71 million eggs are needed to satisfy the 2011 stocking requests. McConaughy has a significant population of larger fish, and the goal is to complete collection in the shortest possible amount of time.

"While Game and Parks regrets the inconvenience to anglers, it is important to understand that many lakes and reservoirs across Nebraska require supplemental stockings of walleye to sustain quality populations," Eichner said.

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