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Oct 1, 2007
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I would like to get into hound hunting, have had a few experiences with friends and had a blast. Iam intrested in the treeing walker breed for bobcats. I was told that the best way to learn about the hound sport is by joining a club. I live in sonoma county CA, are there any clubs near by which i may be able to join? My last question is I will be looking to pick up two treeing walker pups shortly and would like to get full breed treeing walkers with papers? does anyone know of a good breeder? thanks for the help. nick


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Dec 30, 2001
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you should join CHC, california houndsmen for conservation. there may be a club in sonoma, I know there is the Mendo-Lake houndsmen club that meets out of Ukiah..

There are plenty of Walker Dogs on the west coast, probably the most popular choice.
I personally never put much stock in the papers, scince pretty much any tri colored dog can be single registared with UKC as a walker hound. Your best bet is to find some one who has some good proven dogs that you like the looks,personality and hunting style of. papered or not.
On, there are some folks, not to far from you, that breed some fine looking walkers, and seem to catch a lot of game. I believe they go by Redwoodcoonhounds, on the web.
you may also check the UKC message board.
there is also a field trial the last weekend of this month at Elkcreek, being hosted by north central houndsmen. there is usually 100's+ walker dogs there, from all over the west coast, and I'm sure some one from sonoma county will be there that knows about a local club.
good luck with your new found addiction..

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