Norway Industries Introduces X-tra Special String Tamer


Mar 11, 2001
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Norway Industries Introduces X-tra Special String Tamer


Myrtle Point, Oregon -- Norway Industries, maker of the extremely popular Duravanes arrow vane and the revolutionary noise and vibration-dampening device-the String Tamer-now offers a String Tamer especially for the PSE X-Force Bow: the X-tra Special. The dedicated staff at PSE Archery, including Francis Amenta, Blake Shelby and David Kronengold, worked closely with Norway Industries to manufacture a String Tamer tailor-made to the specific design of the revolutionary X-Force bow. The X-tra Special can be adjusted from 4.75" to 6.125" and will precisely fit the X-Force HF's performance ready brace height of 6 inches.

The super sleek String Tamer X-tra Special sports a black finish and thin body, allowing it to become one with an X-Force Bow instead of just another aftermarket accessory. Archers can now have all the advantages of a String Tamer without adding bulky physical weight since the String Tamer X-tra Special weighs only 3.68 ounces.

Like the original String Tamer, the X-tra Special screws on via the rear stabilizer bushing and eliminates string vibration and noise by stopping the string's forward motion dead in its tracks. By abruptly bringing the string to its natural resting point, the X-tra Special and all String Tamer products provide an archer the additional benefits of reduced hand shock, the elimination of string slap, a quieter shot, and increased accuracy!

Although the String Tamer X-tra Special is specifically designed for the PSE X-Force HF, the expanded line of String Tamer products offers a variety of models to fit virtually any PSE bow for both target and hunting applications.

"We are very proud to produce a String Tamer for the PSE X-Force. The X-tra Special String Tamer will make the smooth-shooting X-Force even smoother and quieter than ever before," Janis Melton of Norway Industries said.

For more information on the new String Tamer X-tra Special, the entire line of String Tamer products and other Norway Industries products please visit or call 1-800-778-4755.

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