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Hi all,

Long time no see. On November 6th 2014 I lost my dad. It has been hard to move on but I know he would hate to see any of the family just sulking around. I had the pleasure to go hunting with him once before he died. I will remember that hunt forever despite it's lack of success. I will never forget the stories about himself, his dad and his grandfather. This man taught me to fish, to shoot and to hunt. Most of all he taught me how to be a man, a husband and a son of God. I can't do any of the above without thinking about him. I know every fish I catch and every animal I take from now on will be in his memory. I will never forget the summer days in his backyard shooting squirrels out of the pecan trees to keep them away from our peaches. He was never a JHO member officially but he certainly was one at heart. I don't post this for sympathy or a bunch of "I am sorry for your loss" posts. I post this for all of us sons who hunted with our dads and for all of the dads that hunt for there sons. I can't remember my dad ever telling me he was proud of me, on few occasions can I remember him saying "I love you". That does not mean I did not know he did. To you fathers out there that is not excuse to tell your sons that. I will always miss him and always remember him. I love you dad.

Here is a link to his obituary if you are interested in reading it.


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Thanks for the reminder of what my dad means to me and I am sure the feeling holds true for many of us and YES, thank you Dad for all you have taught me, all of the memories and for making me the man I am today.


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Having lost my Dad in October 2104, I understand where you are coming from. He wasn't one to say I love you, but I know he did. I may have overcompensated for him by telling my late son I love you too often...if that is possible. Dad and I hunted together many times and he only managed one buck, but the memories were great regardless.

My sympathies and prayers to you for your loss.


A great tribute, take heart that you as well as many of us here have suffered losses in our life time but we will all meet again in Heaven. Thoughts and prayers to you and your family.


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Lost my dad, and then lost my brother 1yr to the date.
Wonderful memories abound and full knowledge we shall meet again, all of us, and we shall celebrate into eternity.
I'm a true believer in celebrating and giving ode to what I have enjoyed and the love I've been surrounded by.
We only get one go around in this body, enjoy it my friends.


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Lost my dad sept 1st 2011 and think of him almost every day. He took me hunting and fishing and served his country for 20yrs in the US Navy. Sorry for your loss. RIP Dave

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